Wedding Planner and their Importance in the Big Day

Wedding planner, yes, you must have one!

Having a dream wedding, even if it is a small celebration, is a laborious and challenging task. Therefore, this supplier cannot be left out.

With this in mind, it is important that the bride and groom have a little extra help in organizing the party. Preferably one that is specialized and reliable!

However, do you know exactly what the importance of assistance is? How to choose the best professional and, especially, what kind of service should be done?

First of all, we have separated some tips for you to understand everything about wedding planning, its functions and much more. Check it out!

What does the wedding planner do?

The advisor is the company responsible for all the management of the event. To clarify, it is the person who will organize your ideas and make your dream come true.

Who will make budgets with the most reliable suppliers in the market, who fit the wedding style you want.

Besides negotiating and taking care of the bureaucratic part, reading every clause of the contracts, and guaranteeing the best deal, he/she will be your right arm in everything!

Do I need a wedding planner?

In short, yes! This is usually a controversial subject, because of the investment and tasks of the advisor, which is usually saltier and misunderstood than the other suppliers.

Some people consider it indispensable. Some say that it is possible to organize everything without their help. I don’t believe this hypothesis!

Some brides end up inviting a friend to help in this task, but, on the big day, the friend will only be a guest.

She won’t take care of the unforeseen events, she won’t make sure that each person gets in on time, and much less the problems with the suppliers. This is all the assistant’s job!

Advisory x Ceremonialist x Planner

Check out the differences between each of these services and choose the one that best fits your wedding party:

Complete Advisory: It is the one that will be inside every decision from the beginning. It is the planner who will go after the suppliers and will help you organize all the details of the party.

On the wedding day, she will make sure that everything goes as expected, making important decisions and solving unforeseen problems.

Ceremonialist: This is the service that every bride must have on her big day! He will participate only at the end of the preparations, in the very last month, to be able to organize the ceremony.

On the big day, he will make sure that everything goes well. So don’t leave him out! Can you imagine yourself in your wedding dress going crazy because something didn’t work out?

Planner: It is exactly what the name says. With planning, you can plan better and clarify your ideas to always choose the best!

Why hire a wedding planner

It is interesting to have a planner by your side for several reasons. First, she will profile you to understand the essence of the wedding.

Many times, among the endless inspirations on the internet, brides end up a little confused about what style to follow on their big day.

Secondly, the advisor will be able to find your difficulty in deciding the best style and present options that have a bit of everything. In addition, you set a budget for her to organize the wedding according to your budget.

And third, after defining the couple’s profile, the search for suppliers begins. And this is where one of the great things comes in: they already have a list of trusted suppliers and know the best prices in the market.

It saves the bride and groom time and money!

When to hire?

Preferably at the beginning of the preparations, to give the planner time to dive headlong into the preparations and understand exactly what you dream! In short, it should be the first supplier you hire!

How to choose a wedding planner?

Did you like it and are interested in hiring a wedding planner? Then it’s time to choose the one that best suits your party, and I’ll tell you in advance that this is a complicated task.

It is not simply hiring the first company with a cute website and pretty pictures on the Internet. After all, that is easy to do.

The hard part is to organize a perfect party! So follow our tips and choose the ideal wedding planner!

Main characteristics:

The perfect planner should be a cheerful, very pleasant person who makes you comfortable to give ideas and talk freely about the big day. She has to become a friend, someone you trust.

It will be months of organizing, holding meetings, and planning the details together. In other words, a trace of empathy is essential!

Know-How should be extensive, with knowledge in various areas of the wedding, such as sound, lighting, wedding dresses, buffet. Everything to easily identify what is best for your party.

Natasha Bleier, for example, has been doing events for more than fifteen years. She knows that no two are alike. Each wedding is treated as unique to be eternalized in the best way for the couple.

Choose based on opinions

The internet is an inexhaustible source of information, right? And when it comes to finding out the truth about vendors, it is the best place to turn to.

First of all, look for testimonials from brides and grooms who have already had weddings with the advisor to get recommendations. Take for example recommendations and avoid the ones that have a lot of complaints out there.

Wedding history

Check the types of weddings that the advisor has helped to perform. Do they fit what you want to have?

For example, if you dream of a rustic party, hiring a wedding planner that does a lot of luxurious weddings is not going to fit in very well, do you agree?

When the planner is familiar with your style, then searching for the best suppliers is much faster and more effective.

Useful tips about wedding planning:

Check out more essential tips!

Trust the planner

Well, as we said, the advisor is someone you should trust and feel comfortable with during the planning.

It is a person who has come to add, not to have one foot behind her opinions. Trust the professional with all your heart, and everything will be perfect!

Be 100% connected to the preparations

While some don’t trust it, others can trust it too much! The advisor is a help for the wedding, not the one who will have to do everything herself. Be aware of everything you are doing.

Work together with her and together you will achieve your dream!

Finally, take into consideration what your advisor recommends, but listen to your heart when making decisions!

Beware of the cheapies

There is always a company that is much cheaper than the others, however, “cheap can be expensive”.

That is, instead of charging you the money, the advisor will include the value in the suppliers’ budget, making everything more expensive. So be careful! Remember the tip of the bride and groom’s opinions.

Wedding planner for Destination Wedding

For those who are getting married out of town or out of the country, having a wedding planner is essential. However, she must know about the place to adapt the culture of the place to the wedding style.

The knowledge of suppliers, for sure, will be a great advantage for you to be sure that everything will go according to plan.

I want to work as an advisor, what should I do?

There are brides who enjoy the wedding period so much that they end up wanting to work with parties. It is a wonderful vocational discovery, but it requires care.

It is not very good to open a business right away and venture into this area. After all, the only wedding reference you will have is your own.

Therefore, we recommend a specific course in the area. There are several options on the Internet!

So, start helping other professionals and learning more about how the advisory work works.

So, what did you think about wedding planning? If you want to know more, check out our vendor guide, we have amazing wedding planner there!

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