Wedding Souvenirs: Surprise your Guests!

A wedding souvenir is a way to thank your guests for sharing such a special moment with you. Want to innovate? Check out the most beautiful ideas and everything you need to consider when choosing your souvenir!

When it comes to choosing the souvenirs, the bride and groom have increasingly sought to combine personalization and utility. We think it is worthwhile that the souvenir should always be something useful or edible.

The wedding style

The most important and logical thing is that your wedding respects the paradigms that you have established at the beginning of the organization. Therefore, everything should be immersed in a common style, since it makes no sense to choose a classic dress with an avant-garde buffet, for example. Thus, the souvenirs should follow the same line, without standing out negatively in the perception of your guests, who will undoubtedly identify the style of the wedding. This will also be possible through the couple’s personality.

In all these cases, the most important thing is that the memory of your guests is special and reflects the personality of the couple, their hobbies, their essence, or their philosophy of life. It sounds difficult, but all this is possible with a simple souvenir, which can also make reference to your love story.

Wedding Budget

The budget is a key element in the organization of any wedding, of that you already know. Therefore, we recommend that you set amounts for the items that are most important to you. If the investment amount in wedding expenses is not so high, dedicate your efforts to the most important elements, such as the dress, the place of celebration, and the buffet, and decrease the expenses in small items, such as souvenirs. In this sense, the DYI – do it yourself – has been gaining space in recent years and is usually a success among the guests. In this type of detail, it is possible to see the dedication of the bride and groom, which gives a special homemade touch to the gift. Many brides and grooms choose to produce food items with a personalized label for the big day.

If otherwise, budget is not an issue, there are several possibilities – some luxury – that can work very well with any type of audience. Although this gift does not have the special component of the manual, the investment and production of the gift will win over anyone.

We have repeated a many times that personality is very important for any aspect of our lives, and your wedding is one of them. So try to get away from conventions and traditional gifts and try to convey a message to your guests with your souvenirs.

To reinforce what we said before, you can choose to make a memento of your love story into something special for your guests as well. A photo of you with a nice message, a flash drive with your favorite songs, or some handmade item that speaks volumes about you.

Taking into account your budget and the style of the wedding, it’s time to look for references. Below you will find different wedding souvenirs to get inspired and find a wedding souvenir idea that is perfect for you.

Little plants for wedding gifts

With sustainable weddings on the rise, plant pots are becoming even more popular and are a great option for wedding favors. Before handing them out, how about integrating them into the decor? Succulents go well with many types of foliage and guests love to receive them as gifts at the end of the party. Another super sweet option is to hand out planting kits consisting of coconut fiber pots and pansy seeds.

In addition to plants, which are a great idea for rustic wedding souvenirs, there are other ideas that can be aligned with the style of the bride and groom. To follow the atmosphere of simplicity and connection with nature, how about betting on sustainable souvenirs? There are plan eco-bags that are practical and super useful, for example or even ecological notebooks.

For example, you have a personalization with the image, photos, or text according to the bride and groom’s taste, all on ecological paper. With two different formats, you still receive as a gift a larger notebook, which can be used for messages from guests during the party.

Wedding Remembrance with Sweets

To make the flavor of your wedding last a little longer in the memory of your guests, sweets are always welcome as souvenirs. The ones who won’t let us lie are the traditional wedding favors, which have stood up for generations and are disputed at the exit of weddings.

Useful wedding souvenirs for home

Another great idea is to present guests with a souvenir that they can use in their routine. Following the idea of something funky, products such as patois that serve as a glass opener and resting place, or rings that open bottles are a hit.

Candles for wedding gifts

Room fresheners and jars with scented candles have also been a big hit. Besides being cute, your guests can have that delicious smell in their homes for a long time. There is still the option of creating an exclusive fragrance for body use. Here you can see incredible possibilities for packaging and scents. A great souvenir.

Instant photo booths

Instant photo booths are also a great suggestion for being personalized and an easy-to-find service, not to mention that instant photo booths are a separate attraction at weddings. With the evolution – very fast – of technology, some vendors dispense the use of the booth as we know (that reserved cubicle where the feeling of privacy makes people let go) and offer the totem printing service In this modality, the couple creates a hashtag for the wedding, the guests post their photos on Instagram with this hashtag and all these photos end up on a clothesline. At the exit, each one can choose the best poses and take them home in a personalized frame. Even so, there are still those who prefer the old-fashioned sessions, taking the booths to their weddings. In both cases, guests leave happy with instant memories of happy moments.

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