Wedding Decoration: How to Choose the Perfect Style?

Once the bride and groom have decided on the location where the wedding ceremony will be held, it is necessary to start looking for a decoration that is in accordance with the proposal chosen by the bride and groom, so that the decoration is in the style of the couple.

The decoration is the essence of the event, responsible – many times – for the emotional atmosphere of the space, the satisfaction of the guests, and even of the bride and groom. That’s why it is necessary to dedicate a good amount of time in your schedule to research the best options and decide on everything that is just right for you!

Investing in decoration is essential because a beautiful party makes all the difference.

Using a set of colors, lights, and furniture, the decoration is responsible for the harmonic ambiance of the whole party. Every detail chosen will make a difference, such as towels, curtains, and arrangements that convey a lot of personality and style.

Check out wedding decoration tips, from the simplest to the most elaborate details for your party. Count on tips, trends, and ideas to decorate your wedding!

Gray and yellow wedding

Announced by Pantone as the colors this season, gray and yellow were a classic combination. Balanced, this duo plays with light and shadow effects and allows for amazing compositions. And of course, they can also be used to make your wedding even more in line with the trends.

Tie-Dye at the Wedding: How to use? Famous in the 1970s, tie-dye is back. But beyond fashion, this type of dye can also be part of your wedding! Whether on the decor, dress or even on the cake, it creates a beautiful gradient effect and makes any piece unique.

Wedding Decor Tips – Where to start?

The first thing you need to check to start choosing your wedding decor is: to evaluate the space that your party will be held. Some couples prefer to get married in the church and then have dinner, followed by a party for their guests to enjoy. In this case, the bride and groom need to worry about not one, but two wedding decorations. Others prefer to hold the ceremony and the party in the same place, which makes it easier to choose the decoration.

The time of the ceremony is also important to consider, because depending on the time of day, the color palette may change. Daytime weddings, for example, are the face of summer, so warm colors like red, pink, yellow, and orange make everything more beautiful! Nighttime and luxury weddings, on the other hand, call for more sober decorations, with cool colors.

As soon as you evaluate the place where the party will be held, you can already research the types of decoration and color palette that could be a possible choice for you. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast – in case your wedding is outdoors – in advance, so you don’t run the risk of getting rained on the day of the ceremony!

Check out some tricks to make sure you don’t make a mistake when choosing the decoration and get inspired by beautiful wedding decoration examples!

Wedding Decoration Styles

Every wedding needs to have a style, with a unique characteristic, to have the originality of the bride and groom. What’s nice is to make a decoration that the guests look at the details and think “this is the face of the bride/groom”, that is, you need to create an identity for your party.

This identity can be created with simple elements in the decoration: through colors, objects, furniture… and you can choose yours based on the couple’s favorite movie, a song, or your own identity. In case both of you are nature lovers, for example, you can opt for an outdoor farm wedding! Or, if you are conservative, a traditional wedding is the ideal option.

To make your wedding decoration look like you, choose one of the main decoration styles to get inspired and make your party look amazing! Check out all the decoration styles here.

Rustic Wedding Decoration

The rustic decoration is perfect for outdoor weddings, especially those held on the beach, in the countryside, and on farms. The elements in this type of decoration are simpler and use a lot of nature to enhance the wedding decoration. Use flowers – the color you prefer – and rustic wooden furniture, which have a more vintage look.

The interesting thing about this decoration is that the elements used to compose the whole set can be DIY (do it yourself), such as bottles wrapped in string, or wicker baskets for table arrangements.

If you want a rustic decoration, but still want a touch of sophistication, then it is worth investing in Rustic Chic Decoration. The elements for this style are more exquisite, mixing simple elements with more chic ones, such as chandeliers and crystals with lots of flowers. Adding a touch of gold also looks wonderful for this decoration.

Classic Wedding Decoration

More conservative and traditional brides usually transmit this personality in their wedding decorations as well. What predominates are the discreet and elegant elements, such as silverware, china, and crystal.

Everything in classic decoration is discreet and without exaggeration, from the flowers to the color palette. Therefore, white combined with a softer color, such as light pink, is the preference, because the fewer mirrored elements in the decoration of the party, the more beautiful the wedding looks!

In fact, this tip applies to all styles of decoration: Less is more!

Church Decoration – Tips for Choosing yours 

Generally, churches already have a very beautiful visual identity and are full of interesting details to be highlighted on the wedding day. If the church where you’ve booked your wedding is of this type, then opt for a simpler decoration, much like the classic wedding, which uses few elements and splurges on white to make a very clean decoration.

Focus on the altar decoration, which is the center of the ceremony, and make your wedding wonderful! Don’t miss our church decor tips and latest trends.

Creative Wedding Decoration

The decor needs to be not only original but also very creative! So don’t be afraid to abuse and choose a theme for your party. Anything goes, vintage wedding, circus wedding, with the theme of a movie you like, like Star Wars and Harry Potter, whatever the bride and groom want!

Spread out in the ballroom several creative items that are in accordance with the theme of the party, of course, such as plaques with funny phrases, or with the frame of Instagram, for the guests to have a lot of fun throughout the celebration!

Romantic Wedding Decoration

We couldn’t forget about romantic brides, who dream of a party decor that will draw sighs from all the guests at the party. For brides who want such a wedding, then the way out is to abuse cute elements and romantic colors – you can mix colors too, like Pink and Tiffany Blue.

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