Bridal bouquet: Learn how to choose the right arrangement for you!

Finding a partner to share life with and celebrating this union with a great party is, without a doubt, a unique moment in the life of any person who dreams of it. But between the engagement and the big day, there are several tasks to make this moment really unforgettable.

Until the great moment of saying “I do” arrives, each stage is as special as the wedding day itself. Choosing the dress, the bridal bouquet, the party decoration, and all the other details are hard tasks, full of indecision and anxiety, but they are justified when the great day arrives.

If you already have your wedding dress in mind, it is time to start thinking about the bouquet that will complement your look and make the next bride who picks it up when you throw it. In the following topics, you will discover some of the essential points for you to choose the perfect arrangement for your great day. Check out our tips!

How to choose my bridal bouquet?

Amidst so many decisions, how to make this emblematic choice? First of all, research many references and save photos of your favorite models. In the beginning, you may get confused and fall in love with several bouquets, one completely different from the other.

It is normal to desire various styles and colors, and you could get married several times just to wear different dresses, bouquets, hair, and make-up, couldn’t you? But calm down – once you have a general idea of your preferences, just follow our next advice and you will make the right decision.

Pay attention to the right model for each body type

This is a very important issue, although you should opt for what makes you happiest, without necessarily following imposed standards. The sizes and styles are quite varied, so check the list of alternatives and which are the most harmonious combinations:

Single flower

It is not a bouquet, obviously, but it has been an option for women who desire simplicity or who just want to carry a flower to keep the tradition. 

Compound bouquet

It looks like a single large flower, but it is actually a junction of many petals around a single bud. It is best suited for women of medium to tall stature. 

Bundle bouquet

Very modern, this is one of the most used models in recent years and draws attention for its subtle elegance. Only one type of flower is used for each bouquet, preferably flowers with smooth, homogeneous stems. This type of arrangement is indicated for all types of women. 


It is very elegant, but not very traditional because it is more difficult to hold and limits the arrangement of too-long flowers such as tulips, a glass of milk, and lilies. It is very showy and requires skill to carry, being more suitable for tall women. 

Waterfall bouquet

It is one of the most democratic because it suits all heights and body shapes. However, because it is very daring, it requires a dress with plainer fabric or one without much volume. Longer cascades can be harmful to short women, who should opt for a small or medium cascade. 

Round bouquet

Carried well in front of the body, this format can be rounded or more relaxed, with looser flowers. Small arrangements are perfect for civil weddings, while larger ones are indicated for thin women, whether tall or short.

Match your style and also the dress

As we pointed out, it is important that the bouquet complements the dress, without taking the focus off the evening’s main protagonist. When ordering your dress, it is likely that the stylist or the store will indicate the best accessories for it.

In addition, you can and should try to follow the trends that best match your style with regard to the type of flower and also the colors that suit you best. Are you more romantic or a woman of attitude who will not dispense the red lipstick? Will your party be more classic or outdoors on the beach?

All these factors must be put into the balance, and then it will be easy to make the right choice!

Remember to think about the party decoration

Have you already decided on the party decoration? Then don’t combine your bouquet with the flowers in the ballroom, ok? Contrary to what many women imagine, the arrangement that the bride carries does not have to match the decoration, neither in the church nor in the chosen venue.

It is likely that when you choose the bouquet, you will have already defined the décor, so try not to repeat the choices, trying to differentiate at least the color palette.

Be comfortable carrying your bouquet

There is no point in carrying an expensive, ornate bouquet if it is not true to your essence and if you do not feel comfortable with it. Remember that this arrangement will accompany you as you enter the church and that it should complement your glow at this very special moment.

If it has too many loose elements or a shape that makes it difficult to hold, practice in front of the mirror walking down the hallway of the house or hotel before going up the aisle. Practice the movements you will have to do to feel confident and at ease.

Oh, and when it is time to toss the bouquet, if it is a more detailed arrangement like a cascade, for example, have a second bouquet just to toss, or eliminate the parts that might cause it to shatter before you even throw it. Ask the designer who makes your arrangement for the best guidance for this moment.

Among so many details to be defined and anxiety more and more flavored, we hope to have helped you decide on the perfect bridal bouquet for your style. 

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