Wedding dress: 6 tips for choosing the ideal dress

Ready to choose the ideal wedding dress?

The wedding dress is one of the favorite topics here, after all, it is an important and significant item.

Trying on that incredible model that makes your eyes shine and your heart beat faster is certainly one of the most memorable moments you can have!

So I want to help you with some basic tips. The idea is that you find a really special wedding dress, the one that will make you even more beautiful!

Learn how to choose the perfect model and celebrate your way down the aisle.

To get the wedding dress right, try the following 6 tips:

1. The wedding dress has to look like you

This means that you need to base yourself primarily on your personal taste. Don’t dress up to walk down the aisle!

Necklines, details, and styles that you wouldn’t wear in everyday life can be left out, okay?

Evaluate your physical type, but also consider some points, such as comfort and well-being.

That way you will exclude those models that have nothing to do with your essence. Believe me, it will be much easier to find the ideal dress!

2. The wedding dress requires patience

No use just putting on the engagement ring and running to the stores and ateliers. Finding the ideal dress includes planning.

Even if you love the real weddings published on the blog and delight in the beautiful dresses that appear in our productions and editorials, choosing your darling depends on some prior information.

After all, have you decided on the date and location? What time of year will the wedding be? How much do you intend to invest and what can’t be missing in the wedding dress of your dreams?

All this will help you to filter and get rid of the models that do not match your big day.

Consult the best bridal gown studios in your town.

In other words, don’t prioritize far-fetched models. Even if you think that a Hollywood actress’s wedding dress is fantastic, it may not be the best option for your party.

Inspirations and references are important, but they should not override your personal style. 

Focus on tip 1!

If you like a certain trend, evaluate whether in a few years it will still make sense for you.

Sometimes, betting on the simple and timeless is the best way to get it right!

4. Find the right professional for your wedding dress

It is paramount to choose a Dream Supplier, someone who will help you define the most amazing dress, considering, of course, your style, taste, and preferences.

Prefer someone who can make you feel comfortable, either with a made-to-measure dress or with a ready-made model.

Also, don’t give up transparency and clear rules. In order to be safe, have a contract mentioning all the details and guarantees of this sweet acquisition.

5. Choose a wedding dress that fits your pocket

Shop assistant puts wedding veil on the head of the bride, white background

Okay, this part is no fun, but trust me, it is necessary!

Before you go out there looking for the dress randomly, try to stipulate the maximum amount to be invested.

This will help you not to exceed your goal, saving other important wedding hires.

6. Define your wedding dress process

Buy ready-made, rent, or make a custom dress? 

That’s right, thinking about the process will be crucial for you to decide the best way.

Some brides are fascinated by the idea of making their dress from scratch, starting with the design, fabric selection, fitting, and everything else.

Others are practical and just want to go into a store and leave with the model ready, preferably spending little.

Think about what will please you the most, remembering that each choice has pros and cons.

Wedding dress.

A wedding dress is unlike any other look you’ve ever tried on, so keep an open mind and an open heart.

Maybe you have dreamed since you were a little girl of a princess model, but you may be surprised to try on a mermaid dress.

It doesn’t hurt to try it on, right?

One thing is for sure: the ideal dress will make you feel confident, beautiful and happy. And I really want to check out the wedding photos, huh?!

Go ahead, smile, and enjoy!

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