11 exotic destinations for your honeymoon

Cancun, Paris, Rome, Venice… These places are beautiful and well worth visiting, but maybe you already know them and don’t want to repeat the trip at the beginning of your life together. But don’t think that you are out of options, because there are many exotic honeymoon destinations. After all, there are so many beautiful places for you to discover together that you don’t have to take the same trip that everyone else does, right? If you’re dreaming of something special, we have several exotic suggestions with touches of adventure and breathtaking visuals. Consider one of the following destinations:

1. Fiji Islands

Besides its exuberant beauty, which makes people sigh just by looking at it, the weather on these islands is always warm and welcoming. There is a wide range of activities for you to enjoy together during the day – whether it’s observing nature while snorkeling and hiking or venturing out into the waves with sports like surfing, windsurfing, and parasailing. At night, the scenery is perfect for romantic moments.  

2. Australia

Although it could be a long way from you, the country is configured as one of the most interesting exotic destinations for a honeymoon. Besides having several tourist attractions to choose from in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Cayman, etc., you can combine going to Australia with your trip to Fiji.  

3. Zanzibar

How about visiting this beautiful archipelago in Tanzania, with crystal clear waters and white sands? Of course, you can also spend long breaks just admiring the magnificent view from your bungalow, go on safaris, and visit the historic Stone Town.  

Whatever the couple’s schedule, the exoticism of the place is guaranteed by the great mix of cultural influences.

4. Greece

This country offers everything romantic that a couple can wish to experience on a trip for two: beaches with transparent waters, paradisiacal places, gastronomy, culture, and hospitality, as well as the famous contrast of white buildings with turquoise sky and sea.  

Each Greek island has its own special charm, which is why the country is considered one of the most classic exotic honeymoon destinations.

5. Seychelles Islands

This archipelago is internationally recognized for its beautiful hotels overlooking the Indian Ocean, many with private options for couples. Not only can you have several sophisticated and exclusive experiences, but you can also practice several water sports. Because of the air travel, it is also worth coordinating this trip with a stay in South Africa.  

6. South Africa

This is an amazing destination where the couple can combine exotic experiences – such as safaris and jungle picnics – with sophisticated accommodations and romantic excursions, and learn a little about the cultural life of the country. Not to mention the wonderful wines that are produced in the region!  

7. Indonesia

An interesting destination for more laid-back couples, who want to enjoy the most diverse attractions and interact with the friendly locals. In Indonesia, you can enjoy beaches and parties in Bali or in the Gili Islands, but also visit beautiful temples, hike on the edge of volcanoes, and try yoga classes and alternative therapies, as well as take wonderful pictures with the rice fields as a backdrop.  

The more curious can stretch their trip to see up close the famous Komodo dragon, a species of lizard that lives in the country.

8. Maldive Islands

An underwater restaurant, accommodations with a private pool, and glass floors that allow you to see the waters in an unmistakable shade of turquoise blue: it is attributes like these that have made the archipelago one of the most famous exotic honeymoon destinations.  

The Maldives is an Islamic country, however, you don’t have to worry about the usual restrictions on clothing and alcoholic beverages inside the resorts. Just avoid going during the rainy season, between April and October.

9. Hawaii

Renowned as a surfing paradise, Hawaii also has more relaxing options for those who don’t want to venture into gigantic waves. This North American state is composed of several islands in the Pacific Ocean, one more beautiful than the other. Not bad, right?

10. Thailand

Spend the day at the beach or visit one of the great urban centers in Asia? Do you want to shop or visit temples? A nightclub or dinner on a moonlit island? In Thailand, it is possible to combine all these experiences with the love of your life, as well as meet exotic animals, do extreme sports, and enjoy sensational cuisine and massages.  

11. French Polynesia

If what the couple wants most is to escape from everything and everyone at the end of the party, this destination offers the ideal setting. With stunning beaches and gorgeous accommodation options, you can finally relax to the sound of the waves and let the romance take over. Of course, there are also options for nature walks and other interesting activities to make each of these moments unforgettable.  

Now that you have a lot of inspiring ideas to propose to your love, the hardest part of the wedding preparations: choosing just one among these exotic honeymoon destinations! 

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